About Amelie

For our school lockdown project we were given some ideas and I chose photography. I chose it because I thought it would be a good way to get outside in the garden, as it has been very sunny during lockdown restrictions. There are lots of different types of plants and nature in our garden, so I took photos of flowers, birds, plants and even some running water.

How I built my site

To take the photos I used my dads old Nikon D3100 camera. It has a lense for zooming in and out and a button for different focus types.

I wanted to put my photos on a website so that people can see and like them. I used Wix.com to build my website. I wanted to use the domain 'plantography' at first  but realised it meant to study feet deformity so I chose 'amography' instead. 

My dad showed me how to edit the website and I uploaded all the photos and changed the text myself.

I chose the homepage photo because it was a pretty Peony flower. I added some effects to it by using Wix editor, I enhanced it, cropped it and gave it a moody effect by changing the tone.

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